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NameLiz is designed to work on Apache system with mod_rewrite. But you can run with other systems easily, such as nginx, lighttpd, litespeed, ect. by converting htaccess's rewrite rules to other suitable rules of these systems.

Your server must support MySQLi because NameLiz only works with it.

NameLiz must be operated by an MySQL server, at least 5.5

By default, NameLiz is installed with Development Mode is OFF, in order to enable this mode, please open "your/path/to/NameLiz/app/common.php" and change $psz_app_in_dev to true.

With Development Mode is ON, there are few rules you should notice:

  1. - All PHP errors displayed to all end users, and still logged into the file "errors.log"

  2. - Many very important tasks are disabled, such as: change super administrative account's password & email

By default, NameLiz uses PHP mail() function to send emails to users for tasks such as: new registrations, payments, password changes, etc.

But NameLiz is also implemented PHPMailer as alternation. And it's super easy to set PHPMailer as default mailing function, by using your GMail or Yahoo Mail accounts. In order to perform this task, please follow these 2 very simple steps:

  1. Rename /app/includes/PSZMailer.settings.php.config to PSZMailer.settings.php, then open this renamed PHP file.
  2. Fill your account details into $PSZMailer_setting then Save changes
    $PSZMailer_setting = array(
    'username' => 'youraccount@gmail.com',
    'password' => 'your-password'
  3. From now, all emails will be sent by your GMail / Yahoo Mail account by default.

CAUTION you'll need to switch "Less secure apps" to ON if you're using GMail.

By default, NameLiz displays the dropdown select of supported languages on both frontpage (homepage) and application page. In order to add / remove a supported language, please open "your/path/to/NameLiz/app/common.php" & edit variable $PSZ_APP_LANGUAGES

Install NameLiz

Because NameLiz is a PHP script, so we need an already installed PHP web-host that working well. Basically, you'll need the information below to setup NameLiz:

  • A MySQL database name with Collation should be set as Unicode (utf8_unicode_ci)
  • A database user with password that can work on the database above
  • An email for admin account

To get started, you only need to upload the extracted directory of NameLiz to your site host and on browser just go to install page, enter all required fields to start installing.

CAUTION if you install NameLiz on a shared host, please contact your web-host provider for FTP upload information or MySQL database issues.

Local Development / Test

It's better & faster to test NameLiz on local machine enviroments. This section guides you how to create an enviroment that may run NameLiz look like a real live system. In this tutorial, we may only give you the instructions to create a system on Windows OS and we also assume your desired domain is yourdomain.com. For other OS, please find different solutions, it's also very easy.

Basically, you may use any package that you're fimiliar with; it only needs to pass Requirments. In this tutorial, we suggests XAMPP, certainly you may also download the latest version, but stable version 5.6 is recommended. This package comes with all required softwares: Apache, PHP & MySQL.

After downloading & installing XAMPP successfully (we assume you installed to C:\xampp\), without errors. Please go to next step.

CAUTION for any errors, please Google it, we can not give exacted solution because of your computer.

You need administrative permission to edit the hosts file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. But we recommend this tool - BlueLife Hosts Editor - to edit quickly. Please download & verify its checksum to prevent any harm.

Run this tool with administrative permission, then add a record for domain you want to run with this script. You may choose any IP address. After added this record, Save it then close.

CAUTION purpose of this step is pointing your desired domain to local IP on your computer, next step we'll assign a site with this domain on your local server.

1) Open Apache vhost configuration file C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf, add code below to end of file then save. Use the same IP address & desired domain you declared in above step.

DocumentRoot c:/xampp/htdocs/yourdomain.com
ServerName www.yourdomain.com
ServerAlias *

2) Unzip all files in folder source_files to C:\xampp\htdocs\yourdomain.com\. If this folder is not exist, create it first.

3) Must restart Apache to apply new settings, by using the tool - C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe.

Type your desired domain yourdomain.com into browser's address bar then start installation to test.

How it work

  1. Browser uses your hosts file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts to resolve this domain first
  2. Found this domain with IP of server that contains this site, then send request to server (your local machine)
  3. Your local server (XAMPP) receives request, use httpd-vhosts.conf to check if this IP address is hosting on server
  4. Found this IP address is listening, and hosted on server, start serving all requests
  5. Done


NameLiz's Localization is really very simple & easy. You even do not need any tool except a text editor, because NameLiz uses PHP language files for showing the text. NameLiz has a default language file (en.php) in languages directory, you only need to translate all strings to other languages easily & quickly.

For more new other strings, it's also easy, just follow our instructions in NameLiz's Multilingual support to manage NameLiz's languages better.

SPECIAL you just put the translated language PHP file into the languages directory, the platofrm shall care the rest.


You'll need to enter both links of affliate, registration and whois for each registrar. And only registrars with affliate links will be displayed to users.

Here are list of some constants for links of registrars, they will be replaced with real time domain when users make requests:

  • {{DOMAIN}} is whole domain name includes TLDs and extensions
  • {{NAME}} is domain name only, without including TLDs or extensions
  • {{EXTENSION}} is extension of domain name only, without dot sign


This section allows to create new more variants for inpsiring ideas from keywords of users. Certainly you'll need PHP programming skills to do.

Some important notes:

  • $word is keyword that user entered
  • New ideas are not included TLDs or any domain extensions
  • New ideas must be valid domain name, only from [a-z], [0-9] and -
  • After created ideas, variants for keywords as domain names, you'll need to add it to list by our PHP function add_domain($your_new_idea);

Some examples:

Function to append text "12345" to keyword

add_domain("12345" . $word);

Function to prepend text "12345" to keyword

add_domain($word . "12345");

Function to double whole keyword

$new_idea = str_repeat($word, 2);

Function to append random number from 1 - 100 to keyword

$new_idea = rand(1, 100);
add_domain($word . $new_idea);